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About Us


We are a family business. My dad started in the greenhouse business in 1986 and our family has been growing flowers for the last 31 years. My brother and I have been operating the current business since 2012 with a stand that is in conjunction with Shady Maple. Our goals are big: we want to take gardening back to its roots by providing a beautiful flower without the harmful chemicals that plague the environment.

We have been selling within the Shady Maple complex since 2012. Our relationship with Shady Maple has grown and we are proud to announce that we will have a greenhouse on site showcasing various plants and flowers. Our retail schedule ranges from the middle of March until the end of October during vegetable and flower season. We offer pumpkins and mums from Labor Day to Halloween, and we transform our lot in December to showcase Christmas trees and other Christmas decorations from Black Friday to Christmas.

Back at our farm is where it all begins. With 42,000 square feet within seven greenhouses, our team has a busy schedule year-round. After growing in the greenhouses from January through July, we take the plants outside to over five acres of farmland to prepare them in their natural habitat. After they complete their growing cycle, they are ready for the public at our retail location.

We look forward to serving you with our cared-for products, our smiles, and a promise that we have given you a great start to your garden or flower bed!

John Lapp